About Us

Music SIMPLIFIED at school of bollywood music

The aim of establishing School of Bollywood Music is to impart unparalleled quality of education to one and for all in the field of music production and sound engineering.

The institute is run by experienced facilities to nurture promising talents in the field of sound and music. The experience and passion of our faculties and owners have played a key role in establishing company values and has led to a very practical and creative approach towards education, delivering relevant and hands-on learning experience.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide in-depth and practical education in the fields of music to the students at affordable fee rates. School of Bollywood Music believes in making the learning process fun and interactive whilst developing essential skills and up-to-date knowledge with their best-in-class facilities.

Our Courses

Our Certification Courses in Music Production and Sound Engineering gives in-depth knowledge and importance to each course module. This also includes intensive hands-on training and expert sessions.

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Our aim is to produce not just enthusiasts but creative leaders who are driven by the force of innovation. Sharp minds are always the ones who bring revolution in the music field.

Under the guidance of experienced mentors, our students have created numerous masterpieces and have assured a bright future. Right training and accurate knowledge is our focus.

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Courses offered by us are carefully crafted by industry experts which includes appropriate theory and practical activities to achieve utmost results.