Best Free Vocal VST Plugins for Mixing Perfect Vocals in 2021

You have come to the right site to know about the best Free VST Plugins for Vocals. Here is a list of free VST Plugins for vocals that will assist you in creating a fantastic mix for your projects.

The crucial part of a session for a recording engineer or music producer is recording and mixing vocals. The structure of vocal frequencies differs significantly from an instrument; so mastering the control and balancing of vocal frequencies is not an easy task. You can also check out our list of best sampler VST plugins for music producers that come into sync when it comes to mixing and recording.

Not only for mastering and mixing vocals but also for other instruments, these best free vocal plugins for vocals are beneficial.

1)  Vocal Tuning Plugins:

Pitch correction for vocals has become a necessary aspect of modern vocal production. You might need to utilise this plugin type to polish your voice and achieve the perfect tone before you start mixing.

It’s worth having a competent vocal tuner in your plugin collection, whether you’re looking for modest performance enhancement or dramatic T-Pain effects.

Here are some free alternatives to think about:

  • Auburn Sounds Graillon

The Auburn Sounds Graillon is a live vocal changer that can modify the timbre of your voice and generate robotic hard tuning sounds.

The free tier gives you access to a pared-down version of the commercial plugin that includes pitch-shifting and correction.

  • Melda MAutoPitch

Melda MAutoPitch is another simple-to-use automated pitch adjustment tool. This one can do some subtle effects as well as traditional hard tuning.

  • Voloco

Voloco is the most basic vocal tuning plugin available. Adjust the intensity with the correction amount after selecting the key, scale, and tuning type.Vocal pitch correction is one of the few plugin kinds that does not have a fully functional free alternative. Auto-Tune Access is the cheapest version of Auto-Tune ever if you can extend your budget sufficiently.

2) Vocal EQ Plugins:

You will need a strong equalisation plugin once you start working on balancing the vocal in your mix.

This is the type of plugin you will use to fix problems and sculpt the frequency balance of your vocals so they sound better in the mix.However, professional vocal chains frequently include many EQs. That’s why I’ve included a few possibilities, each of which fills a particular role in the mix:

  • TDR Nova

TDR Nova is a high-end digital EQ designed for surgical sculpting and problem-solving.

If any frequency difficulties need to be fixed before other mixing jobs, this form of EQ may come first in your vocal effects chain.

TDR Nova is an excellent solution for removing excessive low end, reducing resonances, and softening clicks and glitches.

  • Ignite Amps PTeq-X

Ignite Amps PTeq-x, on the other hand, is an analogue-style EQ based on the analogue Pultec EQP-1A hardware.Many engineers’ first choice for the best free vst plugins for vocal professionals is this iconic antique equaliser. Its delicate, melodious curves are ideal for adding character, sparkle, or midrange cut to any project.

Vocal EQ plugins are frequently employed at various points in the signal chain. Character EQ, such as the PT-EQx, should be applied after any dynamics processing—more on that in the next section!

  • Analog Obsession Brit Channel

The renowned EQ found in Neve mixing consoles is another classic processor that many pro engineers employ on voices.

The Britchannel from Analog Obsession adds a 1073-style channel to your DAW, complete with preamp gain modelling for added sweetness.

3) Vocal Compressor Plugins:

The next step in the vocal mixing process is compression.

It entails managing the vocal’s dynamics such that it sits smoothly in the mix even during quiet sections.Every compressor plugin has its personality. It would take far too long to list them all.

But, to get you started, here are a few of our favourites for voice chores that you can receive for free:

Hot tip: In a method known as serial compression, vocal compression is often done in phases. This entails applying multiple compressors to separate portions of the signal or to introduce distinct qualities. The compressors listed below can be used individually or in a series.

  • Analog Obsession FETish

An 1176 FET compressor’s classic sound will never go out of style. 1176 is one of the most popular dynamics processors of all time, and it’s ideal for managing the harsh transients in an active vocal performance.

An 1176 FET compressor’s classic sound will never go out of style.

Analog Obsession FETish is one of the best free vst plugins that does an excellent job of recreating this sound.

  • Analog Obsession LA-LA

The optical LA-2A compressor is perhaps the most well-known compressor technique for vocals.The photocell and tube gain stages power this buttery smooth antique compressor. It’s noted for its smooth release and progressive attack time, which perfectly complement a great vocal.

Analog Obsession has done it again with an intriguing take on the LA-2A that you can download for free. However, because their bundle contains so many excellent plugins, consider helping them if you download them all!

4)  Vocal Saturation Plugins:

A vocal may require a little something extra to sit correctly in a mix. Saturation is another option in your vocal mixing toolbox to consider in those situations.This plugin type adds subtle harmonic distortion to a sound, allowing it to pop in the mix by waking up midrange frequencies.Saturation is a powerful effect that many producers use to blend in on a bus. If you want to add another layer of control to your vocal saturation, try this.A vocal may require a little something extra to sit correctly in a mix. Saturation is another option in your vocal mixing toolbox to consider in those situations.

Here are a few free saturation plugins to think about:

  • Klanghelm IVGI

Klanghelm is a well-known plugin developer who freely distributes stripped-down versions of their most popular products.The IVGI mode of their SDRR multi-saturator is a single mode.It creates a pleasing layer of harmonic distortion that can help a flat vocal stand out in a mix.

  • Softube Saturation Knob

A plugin doesn’t always have to be sophisticated to be useful in a mix.This is the case with the Softube Saturation Knob, which has only one set. To add smooth saturation and intensity, simply turn it up.

5) Vocal de-esser plugins:

De-essers are a sort of plugin that performs a specific function in vocal mixing. They make the ‘S’ syllable less intrusive in a singer’s performance.In combination with particular microphones, some performers and singing styles can produce a strong sibilance sound.De-esser plugins are one way to do so. A de-esser is essentially a compressor that only works on a small portion of the frequency spectrum where sibilance occurs.After any gain reduction or frequency boosting processors that increase to the undesirable impacts of sibilance, de-essers should be used.

  • Techivation T-De-Esser

T-De-Esser by Techivation is a simple free de-esser plugin that gets the job done.

Simply choose a frequency range, adjust the sharpness and intensity, and dial in the amount of smoothing effect you require.

Hot tip: Most DAWs have a de-esser that works great for clearing up vocals. Before you go out and download a free de-esser, try your native plugin bundle.

6)  Vocal widener Plugins:

Once your vocals have found their place in the mix, you’ll want to start experimenting with creative effects to make them stand out.For a subtle blend, these vocal effects are usually employed in tandem on an aux return channel.Chorusing, detuning, and doubling are some of the most gratifying vocal sound effects.

These plugins make the vocal sound thicker and wider in the stereo field.

Here are a few good free options:

  • Acon Digital Multiply

Acon Digital Multiply is an excellent free chorus plugin for creating swirling stereo modulation to vocal tracks.

To obtain the perfect vocal modulation, add up to 6 chorus voices and sculpt the sound with the onboard EQ.

  • Izotope Vocal Doubler

In the music industry, vocal doubling has a long history. Recording extra takes on top of a lead vocal is a natural means of deepening the vocal sound.

The modulation comes from the singer’s natural overdub faults, although you can obtain a similar sound with plugins like Izotope Vocal Doubler.

Plus, it’s quicker than rehearsing your lines!

7)   Vocal Delay Plugins:

You’ll want to add some ambience effects. These are the processors that add depth and dimension to your voices in the mix.

In most vocal mixes, you’ll hear delay as a form of spatial effect. Behind the primary vocal, it’s the echoing repeats that fade into the background.

Hot tip: Even if you can’t hear the influence of a vocal delay plugin in the mix, minor repeats add to the atmosphere and help the vocal blend more seamlessly into the soundscape.

  • ValhallaDSP FreqEcho

ValhallaDSP FreqEcho is a simple but strong delay plugin with more capabilities than its UI suggests.

With the frequency control, you can go from flawless digital repeats to lo-fi filtered chaos with a turn of the knob.

  • TAL Dub-2

TAL Dub-2 is a retro-style delay that is inspired by old-school dub reggae’s stylish nasty delays.

With powerful saturation and modulation options, you can create any analogue-style delay you can think of.

8)  Vocal Reverb Plugins:

Finally, in any voice mix, reverb is necessary. This is the effect that represents the sound’s physical surroundings by simulating reflections off rigid surfaces.

The reverberation’s quality gives your brain hints as to where the sound is coming from.

A long diffuse reverb, for example, could conjure up a big concert hall, but a brief decay could conjure up a tiled toilet.

That’s why producers go to great lengths to get the best vocal reverb plugin for the job.

Here are a few free plugins to get you started:

  • Dragonfly Reverbs

The Dragonfly reverb plugin bundle includes all of the essential reverb styles for your mix.

The Dragonfly suite offers a smooth, nuanced sound that is extremely excellent for a free plugin, from chambers and early reflections to luxurious plates and halls.

  • OrilRiver

When it comes to free reverb effects, OrilRiver is another favourite.

The most recent version has been modified to run on both Mac and PC and provides excellent sound with minimum CPU usage.

  • TAL Reverb-2

This is an excellent free alternative if you require a larger-than-life reverb with luscious dispersion.

To Conclude:

When it comes to mixing vocals, there are many different techniques. However, the majority of them necessitate plugins from only a few of these categories. There’s a plugin on this list to assist you to create the sound you want, whether you want to build a whole voice chain or just try something new like fl studio vocal effects plugins. Know more about such useful information on DAWs, plugins and much more in our Blogs section.

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