MIXING MASTERING Courses in Mumbai

Music has no language. No matter its creation or language, music will always seek a way to reach your heart & lift your mood.

Music connects people in a very unexpected manner. It conveys our emotions in such a way that we cannot communicate it through words. Whether dealing with stressful situations at work or during leisure time, most of us will dive into our playlist for a good time.

Few years back music career was lacking recognition as a career option for many music lovers and treated it as mere hobby rather than lucrative opportunity for music wannabes. Earlier back then there were no training institutes or specialised music schools in India & was taught in ashrams or under the advice of master.

In today’s era the music industry has gained stupendous success & prominence that has given hope to all music lovers to choose a music career as a full time music profession.

Are you an ardent music lover? Do you want to take lessons on how to produce music? What better way to learn it from professional music production institute? If you are searching for the best music production courses in India, then we are what you are looking for. There is a vast range of music production institutes in India from which you can choose to enrol yourself.

In this blog, we have listed down the top 7 music production courses in India just for you, providing you with course details like its syllabus, fee structure, job placement, and much more.

1)  School of Bollywood Music

School of Bollywood music offers premier music production courses in India. Since its inception in the year 2019, the School of Bollywood music has been termed India’s prominent Music production institute in India. 

The faculty of the School of Bollywood Music consists of an elite group of experts who have made a great contribution to the music industry over the years. They are highly qualified and competent trainers, providing high-grade education to students. 

The advantage of our music production course is that it emphasizes on providing fresh opportunities and improvising the basic skills required to create music, i.e., Music Theory. The School of Bollywood Music has collaboration with S &V Studio’s  designed by one of the world’s leading acoustic consultancy specialist “Martin Pilchner” from Pilchner Schoustal in the year 2017.

 They offer a practical understanding of the production elements on DAW’s, Sound Synthesizer, Sampling, Mixing, and Mastering on various other electronic equipment, which are according to the individual requirements. 

By setting benchmarks with a high placement rate, The School of Bollywood music is a well-known and highly-rated music production institute in Mumbai, India. The aim of starting SBM is to educate and train aspiring music lovers. At SBM, you can enrol in professional music production courses for In-class/Offline and Online sessions.

Music production Course Details


DURATION: 12 Months

Music production course curriculum

1. Music Theory
2. Arrangement
3. Composing
4. DAW
5. Recording
6. Mixing & Mastering Overview
7. Sound Design
8. Background Score
9.Songwriting & lyrics

Career opportunities in Music production

  • Music Producer
  • Music Director
  • Music composer
  • Arranger
  • Sound Designer
  • Music supervisor
  • Session artist

Address: 12, Woodrow Building, Plot no.19, Veera Desai Road, Opp.Beat Police Chowky, Andheri (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
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2)  PartyMap Academy

Learning music creation is ideal and simpler when gained from a legitimate school like PartyMap Academy. Learn and improve with a wide scope of courses, from the Ableton course in Pune to the Fl studio course in Pune, and gain from the most astounding and experienced workforce accessible all across the country. At PartyMap Academy, you can enroll in full FL Studio Music Production courses in-class and online sessions.

Music production Course Details

Course: Electronic Music Production and Mastering with FL Studio

Schedule-Thrice a week, 1 hr each

Fees: Rs. 90,000.

Music production courses curriculum

  • Introduction to Music Programming & Theory
  • Midi Hardware Configuration Sound Card Configuration
  • Drum Programming
  • Melody/Synth Creation
  • Bassline Creation
  • VST effects [Reverb, Delay, Eq, Compressors etc]
  • Time Stretching
  • Loops integration
  • Midi Recording
  • Song Arrangement and Finalizing Techniques
  • Voice Recording (Rapper/Singer/Voice Tag) (2 Sessions)
  • Basics of Music Editing & Programming with other software (2 Sessions)
  • Basics of Mastering (2 Sessions)
  • Projects

Address: 105 Premium Point, Jangali Maharaj Rd, Shivajinagar, Maharashtra 411005.

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3) Whistling Woods

Whistling Woods, located in the heart of Mumbai’s film city, provides excellent learning and fun setting options for music lovers by employing them to work on high-quality equipment with updated technologies that are currently used by top professional studios. They offer a 3-year music production programme and also offer certificate courses.

Music production Course Details

Duration: 3 years

Fees: Rs. 14,00,00

Address: Filmcity Complex, Goregaon (East), Mumbai, 400065, Maharashtra, India.

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4) Gray Spark Studio

Since its inception in the year 2011, Gray Spark Studio Academy has trained a large number of music professionals across sectors like film, music, audio electronics, acoustics and many more. Located in Baner, 2 main engineers, namely Harshad Sathe and Ronak Runwal, Ronak and Renault raised their flags in the city’s musical communities that had never been known before. They offer certification from professional recording studios.

Music production courses curriculum

  • Recording & Techniques
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Music Production
  • Acoustics & Audio Electronics
  • Film Sound
  • Live Sound

Address: 2nd floor, Kalamkar Paradise. Baner Rd, Pune 411045, opposite Raasta Cafe.
Fees & Duration : Please contact to GRAY SPARK

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5) KM Music Conservatory

The founder of the KM Music Conservatory is none other than A.R. Rehman, who is also the director of the KM College of Music and Technology and excels in the teaching and leadership environment.

The full-time music production courses are internationally recognised and developed in the UK in collaboration with Middlesex University.

Music production Course Details

Duration6 months

Fees: Rs. 2,60,000/-Rs

Music production courses curriculum

  • Listening Analysis
  • Mixing
  • Editing of Midi/Audio
  • Instrumentation

Address: 19 Vinayagapuram, 2nd Street, MMDA Colony, Arumbakkam, Chennai, 600106, Tamil Nadu.

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6) TGC India

Studying music production and sound engineering at TGC Delhi will help you prepare for a career as a composer, artist, music producer, or sound director. One TGC faculty member is a young and talented music producer with practical experience. Upon completion of the course, students receive an independent TGC certificate and are certified through the Rock School of London.

Music production courses curriculum

  •  Mixing Techniques
  • Mastering
  • Effects Processing
  • Song Structure & Sample Layering
  • Editing MIDI Sequences
  • Music Production Ideas
  • Introduction to MIDI Sequencing
  • An Introduction to Electronic Music Synthesizers
  • Introduction to Desktop Production Tools
  • Studio Microphone
  • Studio Software

Address: H-85A, 2nd floor, South Extension, Part-I, (India) New Delhi-110049
Fees & Duration : Please contact to TGC India

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7) The True School of Music

True Music School is a bright and prosperous music school in India. True Music School is the first extensive modern music institute in India to offer its students the best international music education.
This course is accredited by the Media and Entertainment Board of India (MESC) and gives you the opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree (with honors) from the University of Hertfordshire, London, or a bachelor’s degree with honors from any accredited institution.

Music production courses curriculum

  • Music Theory
  • Ear training
  • Arrangement of keys
  • Music production

Address:The True School of Music
Vijaybhoomi University, Performing Arts Wing,
Jambrung, Maharashtra – 410 201

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Final Verdict:

So, here is the list of 7 best music production courses in India.

Checkout our music production course and sound engineering course to get to know more about the School of Bollywood Music.

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