Mixing & Mastering

School of Bollywood Music’s Mixing & Mastering Course is the perfect 2 months package for those who want to learn the core concepts of mixing & mastering skills and complete the recording process independently. The techniques and course modules involved in the course will be instrumental in getting your tracks the attention they deserve.

Led by experienced faculties, the course involves some of the most important aspects of the mixing and mastering process to record music professionally. The course is completely online with a total of 24 lectures also available offline for the enrolled students.

Here’s the course content for your reference : Mixing:

1) What is Mixing?

2) Why do we need to Mix?

3) The Concept of Signal processing – Dynamics, EQ, Reverbs, Delay, Phasing, Flanging, Distortion, etc.

4) The Concept of Balance

a) Levels : Dynamic Range – Using Compression and Gain.

b) Tonal : EQ – Uses and Techniques

c) Ambiance : Reverb – Uses and Techniques.

d) Modulation : Delay, Flange, Phasing, Distortion – Uses and Techniques.

5) Panorama :

a) Concept and PAN Law

b) L-C-R Panning

c) Mix in Mono

d) Phase Consistency

6) The Master Channel

7) Delivery of Mix and Formats.
Mastering :
1) What is Mastering?

2) Mastering v/s Mixing

3) Prerequisites for a Mastering Session.

4) The Concept of Balance

5) Mastering Chain ( Analogue and Digital)

6) Stereo Imaging

7) Volume, Loudness and Limiting.

8) Dither

9) Delivery File formats.


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