Mumbai-based School of Bollywood Music announced a collaboration with S&V Studio, a recording studio located in Andheri (West) to boost sound engineering and music production courses with actual recording situations and practices. 

School of Bollywood Music, based in Bandra suburb of the city imparts certified courses in music production and sound engineering with a focus on music theory and core basics of making music. With a high number of enrollments in the last few months, School of Bollywood Music is one of the fastest-growing music schools in India delivering quality education in the music field.

The announcement came as a great delight for music enthusiasts and lauded by many music production experts since this collaboration will open doors to students who wish to experience professional music recording, mixing, and mastering other important aspects of music production.

“We are delighted to collaborate with S&V Studio as our education facility partner. S&V Studio is one of the top audio post-production facilities in Mumbai with the latest workstations and acoustic setups. This is a great opportunity for our students and we look forward to a great journey with S&V Studio by training our rookie music producers and sound engineers” said Arijit Chakraborty, faculty at the School of Bollywood Music.

Arijit, one of the founding partners of School of Bollywood Music is a professional pianist, music producer, composer, and expert educator with experience of more than 14 years in the music industry. Arijit has worked as a composer and producer with many well-known music directors and record labels. 

S&V Studio which opened in 2017, was designed by the world’s leading acoustic specialist Martin Pilchner from Pilchner Schoustal International Inc. The facility houses three state-of-the-art studios supporting all formats of the post-production workflow. 

The studio is also equipped with the best hardware and software units in the music industry. Some of the equipment brands include Genelec (SAM), AVID, JBL, Manley Lab, Dolby, Waves, and Izotope.


School of Bollywood Music is a Music Production and Sound Engineering School in Mumbai. The courses are innovative and versatile, developed to respond to the growing demand for flexible music and audio professionals. The course is focused on equipping you with an exceptional range of intellectual, technical, and creative skills that will prepare you for employment in a variety of roles such as music composer, music producer, and sound engineer.

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